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Make a difference – donate to the Art Pantry today!

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate many Barry County schools have had to make the tough decision to cut their art department budgets.  The cuts have been severe and some departments are left with a budget that is as little as two dollars per student for the entire school year.  It is with this reality in mind that the Thornapple Arts Council is partnering with Barry County Art Departments to create a year-round collection of art supplies and materials called the Art Pantry.

This Art Pantry program will accept donations of art supplies all year long.  Those supplies will then be distributed to the classrooms that have chosen to opt in to this program throughout the school year.  “The Art Pantry won’t be able to meet all of the needs of all of the classrooms that have chosen to participate in this program, but with needs like crayons, paper, and tape the community can make a difference.

Collection boxes will be placed at businesses and libraries around the county so community members can drop of items at their convenience.  Donations can also be made at the Thornapple Arts Council’s office (231 S. Broadway, Hastings).

Art Pantry Wish List

  • Sharpies
  • white glue
  • quality masking tape
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolor paint
  • paint brushes
  • watercolor paper of different sizes
  • Heavy painting paper
  • oil paint
  • canvas boards
  • colored poster stock, small and large
  • pastel and chalk sets


Please use this form when making a request for supplies.