Attention all writers!

The City of Hastings, in conjunction with the Thornapple Arts Council, is conducting a story writing

contest for one of our downtown sculptures. This year we are asking middle and high school students to

submit a story about our sculpture “The Gatherer.”


What do we know about this sculpture? We know the facts. It was a gift to the city by James Kwak in

March of 2013. It is 300 lbs and was created by artist Brent Harris of Kalamazoo, MI. A longer

description can be found in the Downtown Sculpture Tour Brochure.


We would like you to write a story about this character. We would like to know “The Gatherers” history.

Please write a fictional story 200-500 words long. We are looking for stories that are creative, interesting

and express a love for the City of Hastings and its surrounding areas.


The winner will have their name and story featured in this year’s Sculpture Tour brochure, will have

their story sent to local newspapers and may be used in a future publications.


All entries and permission slips are due by April 30th. The winner will be selected by May 18th. Please

submit all entries to Maiya Merrick, City of Hastings Arts and Events Coordinator at or send to Hastings City Hall at;

Maiya Merrick

City of Hastings, MI

201 E. State St.

Hastings, MI


Download the submission form here.